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Once you know, it will be hard to remember what it was like not to know. This is known as the Curse of Knowledge. But there is a solution: Share what you know once you know!

I am Benjamin and on this blog, I am sharing what I learn about physics and beyond. It’s mostly related to chaos theory, dynamical systems, stochastic processes, quantum chaos and quantum physics, quantum computing, and quantum machine learning.

Research has led me to explore

An overview of my research articles you’ll find at Google Scholar.

Conferences & Workshops

Past events that I contributed to either a poster or a talk.

December 2020 | Winter School on Strongly Correlated Quantum Matter

September 2019 | Skyrmionics Workshop for Young Researcher

June 2019 | Sol-SkyMag 2019 International Conference on Magnetism & Spintronics

May 2019 | ICTP Summer School. Advances in Condensed Matter Physics: New trends and Materials in Quantum Technologies

March 2018 | DPG Spring Meeting 2018

Research debt is the accumulation of missing interpretive labor.
The curse of knowledge and how to avoid it.
An open-source review article focused on tensor networks.
An excellent open-source course on topology in condensed matter physics.